About Space


Recent developments in complexity theory and agile methodologies have given us a whole new way of relating to reality and to work together in projects that are both fun and rewarding. Yet, there are some aspects that, although encouraged or supported in agile projects, are not specifically addressed. One key thing is the relational and human aspect of project work. Space is an agile project methodology that attempts to also address this dimension by drawing on our experiences with running projects in various fields as well as bringing in some relevant theories and approaches that address the missing areas.

What problems does Space solve?

Navigation in a complex adaptive system (as described by cybernetics) depends on two mechanisms, positive and negative feedback loops. This is an alternative to some other common ways to handle interaction and what is going on i.e. command & control, consensus and democracy. These other ways of interacting are one way or another damaging the innovative and productive milieu we actively want to encourage in agile projects. Space provides a supportive structure for giving preference to positive and negative feedback as a way of interacting as opposed to the other ways and thus helps to ensure that the project remains true to core agile principles and the complexity of creating truly innovative and awesome results.


Through the use of the space method, projects increase their likelihood of being

  • Successful
  • Innovative
  • Decrease employee churn

Individual project members are likely to experience the following benefits

  • Professional growth
  • Personal growth
  • Satisfaction with work
  • Better relationships
  • Increased creativity
  • More joy of creating

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