Project start-up

At the onset of a new project some very important questions needs to be answered:

What is the project team, who are its members?

What are the constraints?

What are the goals?

What is the definition of done?

What are the hopes, the requirements, the fears?

Another crucial thing is the project environment space. This includes things like:

  1. Meeting rooms
  2. Online collaboration environment e.g. git, google drive, slack etc.
  3. Continuous integration environment with automated builds and tests

Coaching space

The space coach (who in many ways are similar to a scrum master) conducts individual coaching sessions with each team member on a regular (usually weekly) basis. The focus in these coaching sessions are on the individual level and an opportunity for a team member to look at herself in relation to her tasks, the team, the project or any private matter that is current.

Clearing space

A clearing space is a group meeting or sharing circle if you will, that a space team conducts regularly, typically each afternoon where each team member is invited to share anything that is on her mind. It could be things she has discovered during the day, it could be general reflections on teamwork or it could be some personal matter. The purpose is not to solicit feedback or help from team members but to share and look at whatever comes up supported by the rest of the team members attentive and non-judgemental listening presence.

Team space

A team space is another kind of group meeting which differs from the clearing space in that the coach takes an active role and team members are encouraged to provide feedback and reflections on what is brought up. It is typically held once a week instead of the clearing space.